How to Gain Unique Experience for your Resume

Having a suitable (or more than suitable) amount of experience on our resumes is the key to reaching new heights in the career world. Experience and proven growth are major selling points to getting the job – and personal drive. Our resumes are our greatest dream and worst nightmare. We all need to have one and we all never know exactly what a good one is, but we can tell you this – having your own unique story and telling it through your resume is important. Matter of fact, it’s necessary. Therefore, here are some easy tips to build your unique experience and have your resume stand out.

  • Get certifications in your field, even if you don’t need them. The more experience, the merrier. You might end up applying for a position that appreciates one of them specifically. There’s no such thing as too much knowledge!
  • Get involved in volunteer work. Show that you are giving, motivated to make a difference, and spend your free time wisely. This is a great way to make an impression.
  • Take side courses that interest you, even if they don’t relate to your career. They can even be geared towards your favorite hobby. People with diverse experience usually get hired faster than people without it. Who knows, that experience alone could land you a job you never dreamed of having, but love! But – don’t get too quirky or into too much detail on your resume. Save that for the cover letter.
  • Find ways to contribute to your field on the side. Writer? Do some free contributing in different genres. Teacher? Do some weekend tutoring; help with SAT prep. In the coding sphere? Give some advice online, help others. Anything and everything counts as experience.

At the end of the day, life is all about the effort you put into it, and contributing to your own growth. Take opportunities, but also work on creating them for yourself. Use your free time wisely!






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