Tips for Managing your Afternoon Work Slump

It’s a proven fact that after lunch when the clock hits 3, everyone starts to hit that mid day work slump. Suffering through the pain of lolling eyes and office yawn trains is not ideal, but is the norm. But, in reality, there are a lot of easy tricks to wake up and give yourself the kick you need to power on through.

  • Take a 10 minutes outdoor break. Some fresh air and sunlight can really do you good.
  • Take consist breaks away from your computer screen to avoid straining your eyes (another fantastic way to make you tired… that was sarcasm)
  • Phone call breaks to those who matter most can take your mind off work and lift your spirits.
  • Visit your co-workers cubes – there’s nothing contributing to your slump more than an entire day in a cube!
  • Have a healthy snack – particularly one that isn’t filled with carbs that will weigh you down. Try nuts, fruit, or protein filled treats.
  • Fact: chewing can relieve sleepiness. Get your favorite pack of gum and chomp away!

Here’s how to avoid it all together (yes, that is possible).

  • Get a good nights sleep the night before (well, duh).
  • Eat breakfast – another no-brainer.
  • Drinks lots of water – in fact, 11-12 cups a day. Dehydration leads to drowsiness!
  • Stay away from sugar. You’re just asking for a crash!

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