Brain Food: Here’s What You Should Be Snacking on at Work

It’s important that as we go about our day, especially for as long as they are at work and as little as we are moving, that we are staying healthy and productive. Eating brain healthy snacks that not only are good for our bodies but increase focus, memory, and concentration are critical and more than beneficial – they’re necessary. Therefore, here is our list of some of the best brain healthy snacks to munch on while in the office!

Image result for nuts

Brainberries (aka blueberries). Research has found that these tasty little fruits protect the brain from oxidative stress – something you majorly want to steer clear of.

Avocado…. so bring out the mini guac snacks (Sabra makes little snack packs of chips & guacamole that you can get at Target)! The monounsaturated fat in avocados assists with good blood flow and lower blood pressure, lowering the risk of hypertension.

Citrus fruits (like an orange) that contain vitamin C are said to protect against degeneration due to aging and can have the ability to increase brain agility.

Dark Chocolate. The benefits to this sweet treat are endless. Packed to the brim with powerful antioxidants and natural stimulants, like caffeine, it not only can enhance your mood but can increase concentration and focus.

Nuts & seeds. Heavy with Vitamin E, an ounce a day of this simple snack can slow down cognitive decline as you age, and are an overall healthy option!


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