Personality Test Questions You May Be Asked in an Interview

Employers want to go beyond the paper when it comes to finding the perfect employee. It’s not just about someone’s professional background, it’s about their personality and work ethic – which is exactly why more often than not, employers utilize a personality test in an interview. Things can get tricky really quickly when you’re under pressure to think on the spot about questions as deep as these, which is exactly why you need to be prepared and always stay honest! Therefore, here are some of the strangest personality test questions you may be asked in an interview, and why.

If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

This is a surprisingly common question in the interview process. It not only surprises candidates but forces them to think deeply on the spot and test their creativity.

What types of hobbies do you enjoy?

What you do and enjoy outside of work says a lot about your personality to employers and can give some insight on your soft skills.

Have you ever played on a sports team?

In certain types of business, this is an important question. Companies typically driven by sales and competitiveness may look for someone with a sports background because that attitude will translate into the workplace and help drive productivity.

What celebrity would you want to meet? Why? 

Who you look up to says a lot about who you aspire to be and your values, and gives hiring managers a different perspective into your personality.

What drives you in your professional life? 

Some employers even go as far as asking specifically if it’s money or learning and growth. Each business has its own idea of goals and values and they want to make sure that what drives you is also something that matches the company!


What would your best friend say is the best part about being your friend? 

This is an interesting one. There are many different things people value in friendships, and what makes two people good friends is not necessarily their common interests, but their similar values in what it means to be a friend. This question alone is insightful to how you will fit into the office environment with your co-workers.


To see more questions, check out Monster’s list here.




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