Is Your Bedtime Routine Hurting Your Work Day?

It’s typical to automatically associate a bedtime routine with a toddler, but that’s not the only age it’s necessary. Having a healthy, thoughtful bedtime routine can lead to a successful day. A well-rested body and mind is a highly effective one. You may believe that your bedtime routine is a good one, or feel it works for you, but there are some key mistakes that could be hurting you and you don’t even realize it! Therefore, here is some of our best bedtime advice.


Stay away from topics that give you anxiety and stress before bed.

Don’t read, talk about, or watch anything that has to do with spiders or getting hit by a car (if those types of things bother you) or an argument you had with a friend. Your mind will not only race for hours, depriving you of blissful sleep time, but you are bound to have nightmares or dreams filled with your anxiety.

If you had a lot of stress that day and a lot going through your mind, meditate before bed, or even in it! There’s no way meditation can hurt – it can only help you. So close your eyes, take a few deep breathes, and focus on nothing but your chest, rising and falling under the covers. Pure paradise!

Don’t check your phone before bed.

It’s a proven fact that the bright light of you screen actually makes your eyes more awake. Not only that, but phones provide a large opportunity for some damage. The stress of the world on your social feed or the drama of life weighing down on you is not worth affecting your night’s sleep. Your health is your priority!

Here’s an awesome diagram from Jan Diehm for the Huffington Post:



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