New Years Resolutions to Amp Up Your Career

new-years-resolutions-apertus-partners-staffingWe all know the annoying side of new years – resolutions. “New Year, New Me!”…. No, there’s no new you. You will always be you, and that’s a fact (literally, and figuratively). But a new year does bring opportunity to set goals with a deadline (aka 2018). Problem #1 with setting goals and resolutions for the new year is that they are unrealistic – we don’t want to set ourselves up to fail with giant goals that take a million steps to get to. Set the steps as goals and work from there. And #2, they are too broad – give yourself specific goals. Lose weight? How much? Give yourself rewards for each goal so there’s an incentive to completing it.

Therefore, here’s a set of realistic, ethical lifestyle changes to help build your career.

Never stop educating yourself… No matter how much knowledge is under your belt, there’s always room for more. Keeping your brain stimulated and gathering new knowledge will always be helpful and effective at some point, even if it doesn’t pertain to your career. Steve Jobs took a calligraphy course in his spare time just out of interest – he later, when creating apple, based his designs off what he learned and loved about it. We can all learn a thing or two from that genius.

Don’t multitask… Okay, so you don’t have to entirely eliminate this from your schedule, but on things that are very important, give your full attention. If you’re not, you’re not giving your 100% best effort, and how do you plan to move forward then?

Grow your network… Find new ways to connect with more people, regardless if they’re even in the same profession. Make more of an effort to stay in touch with old connections to help those relationships flourish.

Stay organized… I don’t care how organized you already are – be more organized, even if you’re on the brink of OCD. You can never be too organized when it comes to your career. When you’re on top of your work, you’re more efficient and will have better work quality.

Keep a positive mentality and spread it amongst others… For every negative you come across, state three positives of the situation. Reflect back on each day and take note of the success and good. Having a positive mentality reflects in your work and spreads to others. Be noticed and remembered by it. Creating a positive environment is proven to increase productivity!

Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t disregard or push challenges to the side simply because of the extra effort or the fear of failure. You’re also denying yourself room for growth!

With all of these steps, you will find yourself leading a happier and healthier career and are setting yourself up for success and growth. It’s the little things we do that help us achieve the big successes in our lives.






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