How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

There’s no greater impact on an employer than your cover letter,  which is why it needs to emulate perfection! This is apertus-partners-tips-for-writing-a-cover-letterthe very first thing they will see before they even peek at your
resume and is your greatest buy into an interview. This should not only express your interest in the position and the company, but express the person that you are! Here are the best tips for you to write a successful cover letter:

  1. Always address it to a specific person – even if it’s the wrong person. The internet has given us the (very frightening) power to search for anyone and anything, and most often than not, to find what you’re looking for. If you simply address your cover letter as “Dear Sir, Madam, To Whom it May Concern”, it makes you appear lazy and uninterested. Put in the effort to get to know the company before and make that apparent. If you can’t find the hiring managers name, find the executive directors info, or even the CEO’s. It doesn’t matter if it’s the wrong person – it’s better than no one.
  2. Keep it brief. Your cover letter isn’t supposed to be a summary of your resume – this is a big mistake a lot of people make. It’s supposed to be an introduction to who you are. Your letter should hold your voice within it and give employers a sense of your personality before they even know you. Give just enough to let them want to find out more on your resume.
  3. Make it specific to the job description and the company. Try to relate back to the companies values and the responsibilities of the position. Show them how you are uniquely going to add value to the position through an experience that conveys your ability. Why are you applying for this position? Why are you the person for the job? What makes you special? What can you add that no one else can? What makes you want to work at this company in particular? All questions to ask yourself and seamlessly add to your cover letter story.
  4. Proof-read… at least 3 times. There’s no excuse for punctuation or spelling errors. This simple mistake is an automatic loss for you. It makes an impression on who you are as an employee if your cover letter is sloppy – always aim for perfection!

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