Why Job Hopping Will Benefit your Career and your Life

Is this crazy or is this crazy? Yup, you heard us right – job hopping is actually really apertus-partners-job-hopping-career-advice-professional-servicesbeneficial. Employers and recruiters have been under the impression for a long time that jumping from job to job every few years means you may be unsettled, unsatisfied (and you definitely should not job-hop for this reason), and unemployable, but this is not so much the case anymore. Job hopping is the updated version of climbing the corporate ladder. While job-hopping acceptability still can vary on your career choice, the benefits to the lifestyle lead to smarter, more experienced employees.

  1. Moving jobs every 2-3 years gives you a varied work background with a lot of experience. At every new job, you’re expanding your knowledge. Multiple jobs may be covering the same topics, but it’s new aspects and approaches that you can learn from new sources.
  2. Every job you’ve moved from brings you one step closer to where you are today. You never know what learning opportunities and experiences are out there until you look for them and take the leap.
  3. There’s nothing wrong with being happy and comfortable with where you are in your career – but hitting a wall in your learning curve and letting it last for too long – now that can be damaging. Staying at one job for too long can make you appear to be lazy and unmotivated – there needs to be a balance. Once there’s nothing more for you to learn in that environment, reach for something bigger.
  4. Job-hoppers actually have more stable careers because they are in more control of their growth and are constantly looking to push themselves and intellectually grow.
  5. Not only is it mentally stimulating, but it’s healthy for your ‘happy’. Having the same daily routine for even 5 years (never mind the typical 8-10) isn’t allowing you to live life to the fullest. Life is all about experiences.
  6. This is great for your networking. Growing new connections is a key to thriving in the business world.


Here’s a little job hopping 101:

Job hopping may be greatly beneficial, but understanding the right time and reason for moving jobs is the key to a successful move. Leaving a company with promotion opportunities and room for growth would be a good reason to stay – why would you need to leave?

You will get asked why you have moved companies so frequently – justify it. Let interviewers know why you left and how much you’ve gained from doing so.

Having 3 different jobs in 3 years really doesn’t look good. There’s nothing to get you out of that one – employers will look down on this. If you’re not picking jobs from the get-go that aren’t mentally stimulating enough to last over a year, then you need to start choosing more wisely.





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