5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Job Search

Today, in our computer-generated culture, job searching is easier than ever – but so easy, it’s hard. apertus-partners-professional-services-job-searching-tips

There are over hundreds of thousands of jobs posted on the internet by employers and recruiters. To say the least, it can be overwhelming. Not only that, but it creates a world where job seekers are invaluable objects. You’re just another random little potato stirring in the big pot of the internet (okay, maybe you’re not exactly a potato, but you get it). Yes, the internet has given us so much access to applying for jobs, but being the candidate who uploads their resume to a job search engine and presses the auto-apply button is just not cutting it.

Here are some tips to optimize your job search so you can win the employers attention:

  1. Go beyond your website application – Do some research on the company you’re applying for or through and find employer emails and phone numbers. Reach beyond the threshold and make an impression by introducing yourself and letting them know you have applied.

  2. Focus on your Cover Letter – Don’t use a typical, self-generated, auto-apply cover letter… work hard and put a lot of effort into it to make it personally connected to the company and position you are applying to. This is a given.

  3. Work social media – It’s not just there to keep you in touch with your friends, it’s there to keep you in touch with the world, and even companies and job boards have noticed this. Search for jobs to apply to on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Make sure that your social accounts are up-to-par and don’t contain any NSFW (not safe for the internet) material. Your accounts make a first impression on who you are.

  4. Keep a list – For every job you apply to, keep an organized list of where and when you applied. Use this to touch-base with employers and the status of your application and make sure to reach out again after a week if you haven’t heard back.

  5. Update your Resume – Each job description may be different from the other even for the same positions – or maybe you’re applying for multiple different jobs – but your resume needs to directly correlate to the job description. You may have multiple talents and skills that go with them but if your booking blog has nothing to do with the engineering position you’re applying for, take it off and make room for your skills that pertain to the job – you don’t want to overflow your resume.


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